Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our NEW Blog

Howdy Everybody!

Well, we have done it. We have a blog. I am super excited about this. We will be using this blog as an informal way of discussing contemporary issues in photography (like whether or not Shepard Fairey is right or wrong about abusing Associated Press copyrights, or where do you draw the line between artistic nude and artistic porn). We will also discuss trends in fine art photography, review photoshows, discuss our book club features, do technical reviews of fancy gear that costs more than your car (as well as cheap gear that costs as much as a burrito), give you fun free tips for better shooting, alert you to things happening about town and much, much more.

Most importantly we will do what we do best- we will inspire you to be the most creative photographic artist that you can possibly be.

So, subscribe to this blog and stay tuned! PASSION IS CONTAGIOUS!!!!

Your friend,
Greg Cradick
Executive Director
Working with Artists

The Directors :: Valerie Photogoddess & Greg Cradick


  1. Look everybody! You can comment. Join the conversation...

  2. So let's get started! Pick a topic, any topic...

  3. very american gothic, you two. i love this photo! Looove it. :)